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Adobe Lightroom is a powerful and amazingly helpful tool for photographers of all skill levels and photographic background. I have been using the program for a decade now and I am aware that it can, at times, be overwhelming. A little less than a year ago I tested to become an Adobe Certified Expert in Lightroom (as it turns out the only one in Michigan) and I want to share my knowledge with you and help you use Lightroom to it's full potential. As you know the photo isn't finished after you click the shutter - there is so much more. So let's make better photographs together.


What is The Lightroom Learning Group?

The Lightroom Learning Group is a private group of photographers all learning the ins and outs of Adobe Lightroom via an exclusive Facebook Group, website and email.

Above is a short video - a "Quick Tip" to be exact - that shows one way to straighten an image. "Quick Tip" videos will be shared every week with the group.

In the Private Facebook Group I will share Video Tutorials and "Quick Tip" videos covering all things Lightroom. I will also share blog posts detailing the different Modules of Lightroom and best practices. Once the group builds I will be hosting Live Q & A via the Facebook group as well. 

As a member of the group you will also receive emails of all the things we cover in the Lightroom Learning Group and have access to the web "hub" where you can view all videos and blog posts. If you are new to digital photography or Lightroom, this group is for you! If you have experience with Lightroom this group is for you too, there is no such thing as knowing too much and getting a different perspective can help you achieve stronger photographs.

My goal and your goal are the same - make better photographs. Let's do that together. I look forward to seeing you in the group!

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The Lightroom Learning Group will be a great tool for helping you make better photographs. But if you want more targeted, private training you can schedule a 1-On-1 Session. 


Fit any questions about Lightroom you have into these one or two hour sessions! We can discuss anything from best organizing practices to creating specific looks with the Develop Module. We'll talk and screen share and help you make better photographs with Adobe Lightroom. Also with the purchase of either session you will become a Lightroom Learning Group Annual Member and gain access to the exclusive Email and Facebook Group featuring video tutorials, Q&A and other great content! (a $59 value)