Photographer Profile: Jason Miney

For the new 'Photographer Profile' I caught up with Ludington native Jason Miney. Jason is an easy going, easy to talk to and perpetually positive guy! Oh and he happens to be an amazingly talented photographer! I'm sure you will enjoy this profile with a little insight into what makes Jason tick and of course you'll really enjoy his spectacular images!

How did you end up behind the camera and how long have you been creating these beautiful images of The Great Lake State?         JM: Well I've been creating art since I was child and I actually sold a piece of art at a very young age, so I've been "creative" for as along as I can remember.  But as far as photography as my art of choice that goes back about 10 years to 2006. I used to be a fairly avid hunter but when I found the camera I realized that I preferred shooting photographs over animals. Ever since picking up the camera I just haven't wanted to put it down!

.....there is no failure, only feedback.
— Jason Miney

Where is your favorite place in Michigan to shoot?                      JM: I've really been falling in love with the U.P. I haven't been there as much as some of the other local photographers but when I do get up there I don't want to leave! There is just such an abundance of natural beauty in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. I actually have plans to go a few more times this year.

What is your favorite of the four seasons to shoot?                 JM: Winter is definitely my favorite season to shoot. There's something about that bitter crispness of the Winter air that I love. Plus, not many people are around and solitude can be a great thing when creating photographs.

Who has influenced or inspired you the most? JM: The biggest influences in my life are Mother Nature, because she inspires us all, and my wife is definitely the other great influence in my life. My wife inspires and motivates me in new ways seemingly everyday and I can't say enough about the support she gives me. But I suppose if you're looking strictly for a photographer I would have to say Ansel Adams. I know to say Ansel Adams is a bit cliche but I don't care. The way he used the natural light in his scenes was simply amazing! 

I know you're involved with The Greater Michigan Fellowship of Photographers, what can you tell us about that group?              JM: I've been involved with many other groups and a lot them seemed to get a bit disrespectful and kind of look down on some photographers in the group. I wanted to start something that included like-minded individuals and was a positive experience for photographers from the novice level all the way up the chain and that's what this group is. I make sure that  when new people join the group they understand that there is no failure, only feedback. It's been a very positive experience for me and hopefully for all those that have been members. long as I am somewhere in Michigan, anywhere, I feel home.
— Jason Miney

What's the most dangerous situation you've been in when shooting?JM: I've scaled waterfalls, been on piers in hellacious storms and once had the police escort me from the middle of US 131 and Interstate 96 while creating an image, but none of that was as dangerous as shooting with dance mothers as a portrait photographer!!(kidding ladies)

Why do you love photographing Michigan?                                       JM: I really love being surrounded by the waters of the Great Lakes. Plus it's home. I was born and raised in Michigan and as long as I am somewhere in Michigan, anywhere, I feel home. As photographers we have so many opportunities to create great landscape images in this state and I love being here!

I understand you've been involved with the creation of some photo "gear" as well, what can you tell us about that?                                JM: I really enjoy all aspects of photography and that includes the gear too. I've been fortunate enough to have a great sponsor in Porteen Gear, a camera bag company. I recently had a custom bag designed in collaboration with Porteen for another product I  created - The Lightswitch Filter System. I created this filter system with the help of MetroCal. A friend, Bill Baker, really helped the product come to life too. It's designed specifiacally for larger filters to be used in combination with the Nikon 14-24mm lens. Both of these products are things I'm quite proud of and have truly enjoyed being a part of their creation.

I’m not here to judge the past. I’m here to witness the present and possibly improve the future.
— Jason Miney
I am a man with many jobs and interests but I look at them all as a self portrait that must be signed with a positive impact.
— Jason Miney


You also teach workshops, right? You're a busy guy!                     JM:  I do teach workshops and one on one sessions and people can contact me at or 616-304-8984. I should also mention that my art is available at Frames Unlimited on 28th Street in Grand Rapids. I am very busy but that's how I like it! I am a man with many jobs and interests but I look at them all as a self portrait that must be signed with a positive impact. 

If you could shoot somewhere in the U.S. other than Michigan where would that be?                                                                                       JM: I would love to head to California and shoot the Big Sur area. I'm hoping that if I play my cards right I can get there someday!

Well guys, that wraps up another 'Photographer Profile'! I hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about another of Michigan's great photographers! Please take some time and view more of Jason's images in the slideshow below and be sure to follow him on Facebook(here) and Instagram(here). Big thanks to Jason Miney for taking the time out of his busy schedule to participate in this profile and a huge thanks to you guys for taking the time to read it!


Since this Profile, Jason became the owner of AM Galleries in Ludington!! Check out the gallery Facebook page here or just head there using Google Maps to direct you!!