My Favorite Places: The Huron River

Just outside of Ann Arbor is a stretch of the Huron River that captivates me every time I visit. With regular seasonal changes and water level fluctuations it is always an amazing area to photograph. There are three parks that I visit with regularity when I explore this area; Hudson Mills, Dexter-Huron, and my favorite Delhi Metropark. It is in large part because of these parks that the Huron River is one of My Favorite Places.

Hudson Mills Metropark is easy to access and lies just nine miles to the west of US 23 via N. Territorial Road. There is plenty to do at this 1,500 acre park including hiking, biking and disc golf but that's of course not why I go! When I enter the park I immediately head to the bank of the Huron River and grab the camera. There is very easy access to the Huron River by simply heading west on the service drive and taking another right turn to a small parking lot near the shore of the river. Large boulders and beautiful surrounding forest make photographing this part of the Huron River quite enjoyable. While it is a very popular park I seldom run into many people in this area of the park.

From Hudson Mills I generally head to Dexter-Huron Metropark which is only 6 miles via Huron River Drive. At 122 acres this park is substantially smaller than Hudson Mills and of the three parks Dexter-Huron is the one that I visit the least. It is a nice park and there are some good hikes and views to be had but I just always seem to come out with fewer quality images versus the other two parks. Besides creating photographs, this park offers a couple good hiking trails and from what I hear some decent fly fishing!! If you're photographing this area, and you have some extra time, definitely stop by this park to create some photos!

Just three miles from Dexter-Huron Metropark is my favorite of these three parks, Delhi Metropark. It is by far the smallest of these parks at just 53 acres in size. Though small in land size it makes up for it in photographic opportunity. When you arrive at this park, again from beautiful Huron River Drive, you will cross the unique one-way Delhi Bridge over the river. As you're crossing the bridge take a quick glance to your right and you will see why this park is an incredible place to photograph. It is just north of this bridge that the beautiful Huron River hits some rapids. Yes, they're subtle compared to some rivers in the U.P. but when the water level is just right they are simply fantastic to view and fantastic to photograph. If you ever decide to photograph this part of the river you have to do yourself the favor of shooting from both sides. That means that you'll want to walk across the bridge and head down into the forest along the banks of the river(again north of the bridge) where you can find a small trail that leads you along the river. Take your time and watch the light because it reflects beautifully off the river. 

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The beautiful Huron River flows just north of the Delhi Bridge.